Business as Mission: Tom Sudyk

Special Focus: Strategies and initiatives to help you create profitable international kingdom businesses with sustainable ministries in hard to reach countries.

Tom is an entrepreneur who has been a proactive force in the Business as Mission movement since 1999. Tom has a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a Master of Education administration. After working 12 years in law enforcement, he began his career in business by founding and managing several companies in the healthcare field. He currently serves as the President and CEO of EC Group International that provides global information technology staffing services to small and medium sized businesses through its subsidiaries Sudyk Datasoft Pvt. Ltd. and Expert CAD Pvt. Ltd., both located in Chennai, India employing 100 employees.

Tom is the founder and Executive Director of EC Institute, dedicated to spreading the vision of combining global business and ministry. EC Institute has impacted over 200 universities with the Business as Mission vision and now serves executives through the Global CEO Network; founded in 2004 with a network of now over 200 multinational business owners who strive to make their overseas businesses successful from an operational and ministry perspective.

Tom served on the Business as Mission study group at the 2004 Lausanne conference in Thailand. He was a member of the steering committee for Intervarsity’s URBANA 2006 Open for Business conference, was a featured presenter at the ICBMI conference speaking on Strategic Consideration for Business as Mission and the Lausanne 2004 Report and continues to speak at mission conferences. He has spoken at numerous colleges and universities throughout the US.

He is respected for his straight forward approach and is well versed in the complexities of the non-profit and for-profit sectors. He has consulted with various organizations to successfully work through financial and managerial difficulties.