Case Studies

Download and read the case statement article, RESET: Mission in a Context of Deep Change.

Deep change works its way out in different ways in different contexts. To make this conversation practical, The Mission Exchange put out a call for case studies based on Reset experiences in churches, denominations and mission organizations.

Those submitting case studies were asked to answer the Reset Questions below.

You are welcome to consider the following case studies to see what might be learned for your organization or movement.

  • A Global Kingdom Movement, The Church at Charlotte, R. J. Caswell
  • Accelerating Bible Translation, Wycliffe, Bob Creson
  • Collaborative Ownership, Global CHE Network, Terry Dalrymple, Stan Rowland, and John Payne
  • Engaging the Unengaged, Frontiers, Mike Latsko
  • Organizational Transformation, Mission to Unreached Peoples, Kent Parks and Justin Long
  • Reproducing Church Movement in Japan, SEND, Japan, Joel and Elaine Loewen

Reset Questions:

  • Briefly summarize the "deep change" situation your church or mission is facing and how you came to identify the need for a "reset."
  • What is the goal, outcome or preferred future that your church or mission is trying to achieve?
  • What specific changes will be required to move out of the current situation and toward the goal, outcome or desired future?
  • Why is this "reset" important? What are the implications if you don't address this deep change? What sense of urgency do you have about it?
  • What are the most important barriers to a successful Reset?
  • What are the keys to overcoming these barriers as part of this deep change journey?
  • What are some of the ways in which you envision this reset or deep change might be accomplished?