Where is God in our Reset?

by pmckaughan on July 18, 2011

Of late I have been convicted that in this discussion of a missional Reset, we have almost omitted God. We unconsciously neglect His crucial position of preeminence as we become absorbed in our thinking and strategizing. We naturally assume that He is essential and likewise assume that He will bless our efforts. But we have majored on the recognition of contextual changes that have made a Reset necessary. We have discussed the organizational imperatives and reflected on strategies that can guide us in the Reset process. We have even dealt with motivational issues and how a Reset might penetrate our systems that so desperately need change. However, the hard cold fact is that a ministry Reset is not a matter of technique, dedication or even aspiration. The Bible says that “what is born of flesh is flesh” and further declares that our battle is “not against flesh and blood.” The fact of our inadequacy is cast in the inalterable cement of our humanity.

It is the Triune God Who breathes life into dry bones and they live. It is the Holy Spirit Who illuminates God’s Word, and the printed page becomes the mighty sword that defeats the powers of the enemy. He is the One who sets out the path of the righteous beforehand and without His action in our lives and ministries, nothing of lasting value takes place. We are totally dependent upon His Divine intervention.

The path to a productive ministry future does not flow from focus groups, research projects, better methods or reorganization. Kingdom progress starts with dependent desperation as collectively we seek His guidance and enabling for the way forward. The awesome fact that He desires to illuminate and reveal the way we should go dictates that the first step in any Reset process is to repent of our presumptuous self-sufficiency, meditate on His Word, and desperately seek after the One who is “the Author and Finisher of our faith.” He is the giver of dreams and the originator of visions for those whose passion and commitment are given to obedience and faith, who “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

The future, no matter how shrouded in uncertainty, is not a mystery to the Creator of the universe. As we who share His Spirit gather together to seek His face in recognition of our total dependence, He has promised to guide us. Only then can we move ahead with confidence. As we collectively face this Reset moment, we dare not relegate the Almighty to the status of “mere assumption.”

God’s plan to be glorified through the reconciliation all things to Himself together with the recognition of our desperate need for His power and direction are the beginning and culmination of our journey. They are the sure foundation for our Reset.

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Alex Araujo August 23, 2011 at 5:54 pm

I am so grateful for Paul Mckaughan’s article. I hope your message doesn’t fall on deaf ears. To simply assume that God is in it because we mean well is not safe.


Kelly E McClelland August 27, 2011 at 1:20 am

Amen! Great thoughts Paul and a timely reminder of our focus.

For the past 18 months I’ve spent a lot of time studying transitions and how God uses them in our lives. I do think we are entering into a time of transition as a movement in missions. What is really important in a transition is the shaping of our “being” more than our “doing.” Throughout the Bible, God has shown that He is much more interested in who we are and relationship with us versus what we do.

I do hope that we do some serious listening to the Holy Spirit as we look not only at outward contextual change, but that we contemplate what internal changes (attitude, mindset, worldview, habits, perspectives) that God is pointing out for us to change. It is all to common for us to fall back into past patterns when we face change. I believe that the internal changes we make with the guidance of the Holy Spirit during this transition will be the ones that will properly shape our actions for a more strategic and successful future in mission.


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