Deep Change: 3 Drivers, 2 Amplifiers and 1 Game Changer

by Steve Moore on May 5, 2011

In May of 1991, Soviet cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev went to the Mir Space Station, where he spent 311 days in orbit. But what makes his story remarkable is not what happened in outer space, it’s what happened on earth. While Sergei was in orbit the nation that sent him into space went out of business. Sergei Krikalev has been referred to as the last citizen of the USSR, because while he was making them proud on the Mir Space Station the Soviet Republic disintegrated. He launched from the USSR and landed in Kazakhstan, which by the time he returned had become an independent country.

This is a picture of what Robert Quinn described as deep change, which is different from incremental change in that it is “major in scope, discontinuous with the past and generally irreversible.” Recent geo-political changes in North Africa remind us that it doesn’t take 311 days to produce deep change. Fueled in part by rapid advances in technology, deep change is happening faster than any of us could have imagined.

I have been reflecting on deep change for some time, with special emphasis on the implications for North American mission leaders. In my video blog this month I explore how Deep Change is impacting the world of missions by highlighting 3 Drivers, 2 Amplifiers and 1 Game Changer. I’d love to hear what you think, especially as it relates to the game changing opportunities you are exploring in this opening window of deep change!

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