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This year we're not just planning a conference; we're provoking a conversation. As part of our conversation starter brainstorm we decided to interview thought leaders who have something salient to say about the subject of deep change. This is a series of interviews we want to pass along to stimulate your thinking and provoke additional conversations about the reset theme.

William C. Taylor

William C. Taylor was a cofounder of Fast Company magazine, coauthor of the 2006 book Mavericks at Work, and author of Practically Radical: Not so Crazy Ways to Transform your Company, Shake up your Industry and Challenge Yourself.

Here's one of my favorite quotes from this book:

"Let's be clear: We are living in the age of disruption. You can't do big things anymore if you are content with doing things a little better than everyone else, or a little differently from how you've done them in the past."

I think you will find this 15 minute conversation with Bill Taylor challenging and informative. I encourage you to pass this around to others on your team and schedule a time to talk about how these "reset" ideas overlap with your ministry context.

William C. Taylor Interview

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Jeff Manion

This interview with Jeff Manion is the second in a series of three we want to pass along to stimulate your thinking and provoke additional conversations about the reset theme. (Next week we'll pass along our interview with Harvard Business School Professor and leadership guru John Kotter.)

Jeff Manion is the senior pastor of Ada Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where he has served for over 25 years. Jeff is the author of the book, The Land Between: Finding God in Difficult Transitions.

Jeff observes that most leaders respond to difficult "in between" moments by obsessing about how to get out of the uncomfortable space. We instinctively gravitate toward models of change management or strategic planning or disruptive thinking that will get us back on a fast track of positive momentum. The problem comes when these natural tendencies that are hard wired into leaders cause us to miss another priority question: God, what are you trying to teach me "in the land between."

Jeff Manion Interview

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John Kotter

John Kotter is the professor emeritus of Leadership at Harvard Business School and author of 12 bestselling books. His latest book, Buy In: Saving Your Good Ideas from being Shot Down, focuses on the problems associated with getting others engaged and committed to good ideas.

Kotter emphasizes that many very good ideas that could bring positive, even transformative, change in every sector of society including the church, are squandered because people wrongly assumed the strength of the idea itself will win the day. We will always need fresh thinking to keep moving forward but that is especially true in Reset moments. But you need more than a good idea; you need buy in.

John Kotter Interview

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