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Greg Livingstone    Church Planting in Muslim Cities

Edward L. Smither 

Basil of Caesarea: An Early Christian Model of Urban Mission

Birgit Herppich Immigrant Communities in America—Objects of Mission or Missional Agents? The Case of the Church of Pentecost (Ghana) in Urban America


Gary Fujino & 

John Cheong 

Emerging Cities & Globalization

Cindy Lee

Exegeting the City with Eyes Wide Open: A Case Study of Contextualization in Taipei”

Garry Morgan

The ‘New’ Urban: Meeting the Challenges of Today’s Cities


Steve Strauss 

Jacque Ellul’s Contribution to a Theology of the City

Janice McLean

Appropriating Faith within the City: an examination of Urban Youth Ministry in Immigrant Churches

Samuel Law

A Tale of Two Cities: The Critical Role of ‘Feeder Cities’ of the Chinese Diaspora in North America and Their Ongoing Needs


Moussa Bongoyok Mission among the Urban Muslim Immigrants in the West

Stephen Beck 

A New Day Dawning in the Old Country? 21st Century Urban Trends in Germany and their Implications for Urban Church Planting

 J.D. Payne

Examining Evangelical Concentrations and International Migrations in the U. S. and Canada:  A Call for More and Better Urban Research


Mark Hausfeld

Islam in America: Developing Strategy to Reach Diaspora Muslims through the Local Church

Robert H. Bennett  Urban Missions in Madagascar:  Evangelism and Mystery in the Crowded Streets

 Enoch Wan &

Larry W. Caldwell

Riots in the City: Replacing 19th Century Urban Training Models with Relevant “Urbanized” Training Models for the 21st Century


Alan McMahan

The Strategic Nature of Urban Ministry

 Larry Poston

Let Those in the City Get Out….Making a Way of Escape

Derek and Jeannie Chinn Extreme Makeover: Church Addition (Church Mergers as an Opportunity for Urban Missions)


Kathryn Lewis Mowry Trusting in Resurrection: a Qualitative study of Congregations in  Transitional Neighborhoods

 Mark Naylor

Missional in a Multi-Ethnic Context: The Need for Positive Partnerships

 Edward L. Smither

Basil of Caesarea: An Early Christian Model of Urban Mission