Important Update from The Mission Exchange

Read the "Preferred Future" document HERE

The board of directors of The Mission Exchange and the board of directors of CrossGlobal Link have each voted unanimously to endorse a course of action outlined in the “Preferred Future” document, drafted jointly by Steve Moore and Marv Newell, Executive Director of CrossGlobal Link. This document received significant input from members of the Joint Merger Task Force (Warren Janzen, Send Intl., Kirk Ogden, South America Mission, Dave Guiles, Grace Brethren International Mission, Russ Hersman, Wycliffe USA), who were appointed by the respective boards in September 2010. This preferred future revolves around the dissolution/merger of our current associations and the reformation of a single “new mission entity” that functions as a structured network building on the shared strengths of CrossGlobal Link and The Mission Exchange based on shared interests and our commitment to the Great Commission.

This “preferred future” will be formally presented as a resolution October 1, 2011, at the annual business meeting of both mission associations, on the final day of the North American Mission Leaders Conference, in Scottsdale, Arizona. As you know, the theme for this year is Reset: Mission in a Context of Deep Change. Here is a poignant quote from the case statement article:

“Deep change thrusts leaders into a perfect storm of urgency, uncertainty and vulnerability…Yet there is an upside to this perfect storm…Exponential and irrevocable change opens a window of unprecedented opportunity. Leaders fortunate enough to lead during deep change almost always have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to modify structures and “bet the farm” on innovative strategies that would otherwise never be considered, much less embraced.”

I believe this is our deep change moment, an opportunity to launch out into uncharted waters together, by God’s grace and with His help. Please be in prayer about this process, asking that what God has willed in heaven will be done on the earth in this process.



President and CEO

Questions You Might Be Asking

What is the back story on this process?

Conversations about closer collaboration and merger between the two North American mission associations (IFMA and EFMA – now CrossGlobal Link and The Mission Exchange) have taken place on numerous occasions over the decades of our co-existence. Over the past five years, as each association has embarked on a re-envisioning process under new leadership, a window of opportunity for closer collaboration has been opened. In 2008, at the North American Mission Leaders Conference in Denver, a joint board meeting was convened over lunch that produced an agreement to meet jointly every year in the fall as opposed to every three years as had been the pattern. Also in 2009, the board of CrossGlobal Link and The Mission Exchange committed to jointly sponsor an annual event for mission administrators and finance staff members instead of holding two separate conferences. In September 2010, a second joint board meeting was convened in Charlotte, North Carolina, prior to the North American Mission Leaders Conference, with the specific agenda of exploring merger related options. While no agreement was reached in this meeting, a decision was made to form a Joint Merger Task Force to continue the conversation.

The Joint Merger Task Force met in Chicago on December 10, 2010, and commissioned the drafting of a document that would make the case for a preferred future as one organization. The preferred future document was viewed as an important first step that would enable the Joint Merger Task Force (along with the board and ultimately our members) to compare the collaborative (yet in many ways duplicate and competitive) environment we currently experience with a possible way forward as one organization. The document was submitted to the Joint Merger Task Force for review in early February 2011 and revised several times before being recommended to CrossGlobal Link’s board of directors for their March 16-17, 2011, spring board meeting.

CrossGlobal Link endorsed the document with modest but important recommended changes. The updated document was referred to The Mission Exchange board of directors for our April 7-8, 2011, spring board meeting. The Mission Exchange endorsed the document with several modest but important changes. The Joint Merger Task Force was reconvened in late April to reconcile the suggestions emanating from both boards.

Who serves on the Joint Merger Task Force?

The following members representing both associations were appointed at the respective board meetings in September 2010: Warren Janzen, Send Intl., Kirk Ogden, South America Mission, Dave Guiles, Grace Brethren International Missions, Russ Hersman, Wycliffe USA. Both association leaders (Marv Newell and Steve Moore) also serve on this task force.

What happens next?

Later this summer (early August) we will be holding a live webinar, hosted by The Mission Exchange board chair, Rod Beidler and Steve Moore, to provide updates on the process and answer questions. As soon as details are in place you will receive additional information by email so as to provide as much advance notice as possible.

A non-binding online survey will be conducted later in August to gage the response of our members and collate questions that need to be addressed more thoroughly prior to the vote in the annual meeting.

Who gets to vote on this preferred future?

In order to “cease corporate activities and dissolve and liquidate,” the constitution of The Mission Exchange requires a 2/3 majority vote of members present at a meeting duly called for that purpose.

Full member organizations that are characterized as “sending members” may be represented at meetings of the corporation by one or more representatives. Each sending agency is entitled to send at least one voting representative to the annual meeting. In addition, sending agencies having more than one hundred active missionaries in cross-cultural service are entitled to one additional voting representative for each additional one hundred missionaries or fraction thereof, with a maximum limit of five voting representatives.

Support agency members (who do not send missionaries) may be represented at meetings of the corporation by one representative.

What is the timeline if approved?

If approved by the membership of each association on October 1, 2011, the preferred future will be implemented over the following six months as appropriate under the oversight of the board of “new mission entity.”

What if I have other questions?

Feel free to send your questions to Connect(at) We will do our best to respond as thoroughly and timely as possible, giving highest priority to member organizations that will be eligible to vote in the annual meeting, October 1, 2011.


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C. Norwood Davis, Chief Financial Officer, 12Stone® Church