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"I look forward to the opportunity to learn from mission peers and expand my network of relationships at our annual fall event. As always, I believe this year's theme is both timely and practical. These events never fail to stimulate my growth as a leader; I hope to see you there."

Rod Beidler, Vice President, International Affairs, The Navigators

Metrics for Missions: ReThinking the Issues of Faithfulness and Fruitfulness

On September 21-23, 2009, approximately 140 church and mission leaders from 65 different organizations gathered in St. Louis, Missouri, to Re-Think the Issues of Faithfulness and Fruitfulness. Our purpose was to engage in biblical reflection on the issues of faithfulness and fruitfulness and to interact with a scalable model for results-based management.

In a series of plenary sessions, workshops and panel discussion we wrestled with the fundamental question, "How do we know if we are making a difference?" While acknowledging that on this side of eternity we will never have a complete answer to that question, we affirmed incomplete does not mean unimportant.

As stewards of a vision from on High we must constantly strive to grow our capacity and develop our giftedness so as to offer our very best in obedience to God. We repeatedly reflect on the questions, "Is there a better way?" and "What could we do differently?" These questions are rendered meaningless, void of context, if we are not also actively evaluating progress to determine (as best we can), "Are we bearing fruit?"

We will be making the webinar recordings of our plenary sessions and audio recordings of the workshops available in our online store (look for them by late October 2009). Search for Metrics for Missions to identify these downloadable resources.

A highlight of our annual event was the presentation of awards, first the Innovation in Mission Award, given to Avery Willis on behalf of the International Orality Network, and the Lifetime of Service Award, presented to George Verwer, founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilisation.

We have interviewed George Verwer in our annual EXCHANGE magazine and provided information about the International Orality Network in our new publication, eXcelerate. Both are available as downloadable PDF files from the home page of our web site. We also encourage you to click on the 2009 Awards link in the menu on the left hand side of this page for more information.


Steve Moore
President and CEO | The Mission Exchange | formerly EFMA