Click on the links below for answers to some of The Mission Exchange's most Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the categories of membership and what is the difference in terms of benefits?

The Mission Exchange offers three categories of membership, Full Membership for mission organizations, Associate Membership for mission organizations that are already members of CrossGlobal Link and Affiliate Membership for individuals, churches and educational institutions. Click here for more information.

What does the application process look like for Full Members?

There are five stages in the membership journey, as follows:

  • You complete the application, submit the supporting documentation and pay the $100 application fee.
  • You have a phone interview with a staff member or representative from The Mission Exchange.
  • Based on the approval of the The Mission Exchange board, you are granted Candidate Member status and invoiced for the appropriate dues or assessments.
  • You engage in an organizational self evaluation project using The Mission Exchange's Membership Self Study document along with a site visit by a staff member or representative of The Mission Exchange.
  • Based on approval from the The Mission Exchange board, you are granted full membership.

What does the application process look like for Associate Members?

Associate Members begin by completing the online application and will receive follow-up communication from our office with details about next steps.

How long does it usually take to become a Full Member of The Mission Exchange?

The biggest variable affecting the membership timeline is your ability to complete the online organizational self-assessment. Your Candidate Membership status begins as soon as all your application material has been approved by our board and can last up to three years while you complete the organizational self-assessment, but the entire process can be accomplished in six months to one year.

How do I become an Affiliate Member and how long does it take?

To become an affiliate you are asked to agree with the National Association of Evangelicals statement of faith and affirm the vision, mission and core values of The Mission Exchange. You can become an Individual Affiliate in a few minutes by visiting our online store. The cost is only $99 per year.

Setting up Church and Educational Institution Affiliate Memberships require the involvement of our Member Services team and therefore are not available in our online store. Call us at or email for assistance.

What are the membership fees and how are they calculated?

Annual dues for Full Members are $1,200 plus an assessment that is calculated based on the size of your budget (if you are a support agency) or the number of missionaries (if you are a sending agency). Dues and assessments are invoiced annually in January; payments can be made quarterly.

Affiliate Memberships are $99 per year for individuals, $279 for churches and $379 for educational institutions. Church membership includes flow-down benefits for the entire staff, missions committee, and missionaries supported by the church, including short-termers. Educational institutions receive flow-down benefits for all faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Who else is a member of The Missions Exchange?

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"Leadership development is a strategic priority at 12Stone® Church.  The resources flowing from our Church Affiliate Membership with The Mission Exchange consistently contribute to our staff’s personal and professional growth. I enthusiastically recommend The Mission Exchange as a cost effective way to invest in your team and keep in touch with global trends.”

C. Norwood Davis,

Chief Financial Officer,

12Stone® Church