Q: How will engaging in the improve process benefit our organization?

A: The biggest problem facing an organization is not the one it can't solve but the one it can't see. improve is designed to provide feedback that exposes organizational blind spots and sheds light on new possibilities. improve harnesses the collective wisdom and experience of trusted leaders with outside objectivity who are empowered to ask probing questions and offer strategic counsel. Organizations who participate in improve will emerge with a clearly defined list of Priority Action Steps that represent the most strategic way forward on a journey of continuous improvement.

Q: What does the improve process involve?

A: improve is a flexible but systematic process that combines 1) feedback from stakeholders (both inside and outside your organization) using assessments and surveys developed by The Mission Exchange, 2) feedback from invited mission peers (as well as church or business leaders as appropriate) in two virtual peer consultations facilitated by an Organizational Development Consultant, and 3) feedback from an Executive Coach in monthly tele-coaching sessions with the individual responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Priority Action Steps over a three to six month window.

Q: How much time should we expect our staff to invest in the improve process?

From initial engagement to the final Priority Action Steps report you should expect to invest 30 - 40 hours of human resources in the improve process. Assuming the typical organization will spread this out between 6-10 individuals it would involve less than one full day per person.

Most of your time will be invested in completing the internal stakeholder feedback process via an online modular organizational self-assessment. This format will allow your executive/leadership team to parcel out the modules based on areas of responsibility. You can save answers and return to complete them later in each of the eight modules; it does not need to be completed in one sitting. The time invested will vary depending on the number of staff members involved and the size/complexity of your organization. On average, we project the organizational self-assessment will require a total of 20 hours to complete and 3-5 additional hours to process with input from the Organizational Development Consultant.

The external stakeholder feedback survey will require you to identify an unscientific "random sampling" of your constituents who will be invited to complete an online survey. The virtual peer consultations will not require significant prep time for your staff and will last approximately 90 minutes each.

Q: What is the normal timeline for the improve process, from initial engagement to a final Priority Action Steps report?

In most cases the process of moving from initial engagement to a final Priority Action Steps report could be completed in 6 - 9 months. But there are a number of variables that will affect the improve timeline, including the margin of staff members completing the organizational self-assessment, the responsiveness of constituents to the external stakeholder feedback survey, and the challenges of collating the schedules of mission peers for the virtual consultations.

Q: Can we include feedback from our field staff around the world?

Yes. The most efficient way to include field staff in the improve process is to give them the opportunity to review and respond to the organizational self-assessment data, the external stakeholder constituent engagement survey and the initial draft of the Priority Action Steps report prior to the mission peer virtual consultations. Adjustments to the Priority Action Steps report can be made based on this important input.

Q: Can we include feedback from majority world mission leaders?

Yes. The most efficient way to include majority world leaders is by conducting an additional virtual mission peer consultation. This input can be very strategic, and easily justify the possible extension of the timeline for the improve process.

Q: How do we get started and what is the cost to participate in the improve process?

To inquire about participating in improve send an email to or call . The cost for improve, including the internal and external feedback processes, input from an Organizational Development Consultant as well as the facilitation of virtual mission peer consultations, and Executive Coaching (for 3 months) begins at $4,900, depending on the level of membership with The Mission Exchange. Non-members may participate in improve for $9,900.