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We have a growing network of world class consultants, trainers and executive coaches who understand the non-profit sector as well as the unique challenges of cross cultural service. Each member of our team offers a three tiered menu of services in their area of expertise including free (tier 1) such as articles, resource reviews, audio downloads, et cetera, cost only, (tier 2) such as needs assessment or brief consultation, and discounted (tier 3) offers in the coach or consultant's respective field of expertise.

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Led by Bob Klamser, there is no organization like Crisis Consulting International (CCI) dedicated to the safety and well-being of the missionary workforce. The training programs offered by CCI have greatly increased the capacity of our organizations to mitigate risk and effectively respond to crises when necessary. I highly recommend the Professional Services Network of The Mission Exchange.

Bob Creson
Wycliffe International Board of Directors

We recently completed an audit of our policies and procedures conducted by Jerry and Katie Burgess. Jerry’s knowledge, especially in the area of missionary compensation, coupled with Katie’s expertise in human resources combined to provide a wealth of information. They patiently and thoroughly reviewed our policies regarding cross-cultural workers as well as home-based staff, and met with several members of our personnel during the process. The Burgesses provided helpful insights to insure that our policies as an agency are compliant with modern standards, enabling The Mission Society to respond to God’s call in today’s complex world.

Frank Decker
Vice President, Human Resources and Discipleship

The Mission Society