Congratulations!  You’ve registered for a webinar!  Here are some instructions for the next steps to get you on-line.

  • Look for your confirmation email – check your junk mail or spam if you don’t get one … there is an important link in that email so you can get the conference information.  Click on that link to complete the necessary second step of registration.  [Sorry it has to be a two step process but currently our registration site does not interface with GoToWebinar to do it automatically. You will get an email confirming this second step.] 
  • Once you have completed the second step of registration, save the email you get from GoToWebinar so you can access the link easily on webinar day.  If you use Outlook consider saving the GoToWebinar confirmation there when prompted.  That way you know exactly where to find it. 
  • On the day of the webinar you will receive an email from The Mission Exchange that has links to handouts for the webinar.  We send this out a couple of hours before the webinar starts so you can print and/or review them in advance.  This email also has an additional link to the second step of registration to get the conference link if you have not already done it.   You will also receive an email reminder from GoToWebinar that your webinar will be starting soon.
  • A few minutes before 2pm (Eastern), click on the link for the webinar.  There is a small software exchange that has to happen between your computer and GoToWebinar to allow you to view and hear the webinar.  It sometimes takes a few minutes to get situated.  If you do it a little early you won’t miss a thing.  Click “run” or “save” when prompted. 
  • Remember, you can listen by telephone and view your computer screen or listen and view on your computer (if you have a fast connection – it doesn’t work well on a dial up connection).    If you’re participating in a group, all members of the group can view on one connection, but there is typically one response allowed for poll questions (which happen during the webinar). 

During the webinar you will receive an email from us asking you to evaluate the webinar.  We value your comments! 

I hope this information has helped you with your webinar experience.  If you have other questions please email or call .  We look forward to “seeing” you at our next webinar!


"Artists in Christian Testimony Intl is thrilled about joining The Mission Exchange! We look forward to meaningful dialogue and partnership that infuses artistic personnel and strategies in world evangelization."

Byron Spradlin
Artists in Christian
Testimony Int'l