In dependence on God and under the authority of Scripture, The Mission Exchange's core values are:

Service: Embracing the model of Jesus who came not to be served but to serve, we seek to honor God by giving our best in the service of others.

Learning: Pursuing an attitude of humility, we affirm the importance of learning from each other on a journey of continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence.

Relationships: Understanding true disciples of Jesus are known by their love for one another, we affirm the priority of body-life and the sharpening that comes from mutual edification.

Synergy: Recognizing what cannot be accomplished individually can be done in collaboration with others, we affirm the priority of multiplied results through intentional partnerships.

Diversity: Believing in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek, male nor female, we affirm the importance of theological and racial diversity in our membership within the evangelical community.

Effectiveness: Bearing fruit that lasts goes beyond spiritual activity, we affirm the priority of integrity and increasing capacity as a foundation for productivity.

Crossing Cultures: Realizing the message of the gospel transcends culture, we affirm the priority of incarnational ministry in the pursuit of indigenous church movements among all peoples.

"Artists in Christian Testimony Intl is thrilled about joining The Mission Exchange! We look forward to meaningful dialogue and partnership that infuses artistic personnel and strategies in world evangelization."

Byron Spradlin
Artists in Christian
Testimony Int'l