Getting connected with The Mission Exchange will open a door of shared learning, mutual accountability and trusted partnership with other like-minded evangelical church and mission leaders. We offer an innovative combination of online resources and live training events designed to add value to mission leaders and stimulate partnership.

The table below displays the categories of membership with The Mission Exchange along with the corresponding member benefits.

There are three categories of relationship with The Mission Exchange as follows:

  • Full Membership: To qualify as a MEMBER your organization must be registered as a charitable organization in the US or Canada, have at least $100,000 of annual revenue, agree with the National Association of Evangelicals statement of faith and be involved in cross cultural mission by sending missionaries or offering support service to the Great Commission community.
  • Associate Membership: To qualify as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER your organization must be a member in good standing of another mission association that has been approved by The Mission Exchange's board of directors. (Currently the only approved association is CrossGlobal Link.)

    Click here for more information about Full or Associate Membership, along with a link to the online application.

    Note: ALL the benefits listed above are available to EVERY staff member and missionary serving with a Full Member or Associate Member organization.
  • Affiliate Membership: We ask AFFILIATE MEMBERS to agree with the National Association of Evangelicals statement of faith as well as to affirm the vision, mission and core values of The Mission Exchange. There are three categories of Affiliate Members as follows:

    • Individual Affiliate - $99 per person
    • Church Affiliate supported - $279 for church wide staff, mission committee and all missionaries supported by the church, including short-term missionaries
    • Educational Affiliate - $379 for all professors, staff, students and alumni

    Note: all initial Affiliate Membership fees are annual and pro-rated at the time of purchase.  Renewal Memberships are not pro-rated.

    Go to the online store and search for "membership" to become an Individual Affiliate Member.

    To become a Church or Educational Affiliate Member call or email .