Partnerships Consultant: Brian O’Connell

Special Focus: working with CEO’s, leadership teams, and field workers to facilitate increased knowledge and skills related to building more effective ministry partnerships.

Brian F. O'Connell has been committed to partnership development and international missions for over 20 years, ministering in 65 countries.  Having worked for organizations such as the National Association of Evangelicals, World Evangelical Alliance, and Interdev, he has a wealth of knowledge and skills in developing and nurturing strategic alliances and partnering efforts. Brian is also well networked with numerous ministry leaders who also have experience in various forms of collaboration and partnering (both successes and failures!).

Brian has facilitated understanding and action among numerous organizations and churches regarding how partnering and collaboration brings greater Kingdom impact.   Now the President of REACT Services (, his efforts have brought added value in specific arenas such as refugees, HIV/AIDS, community transformation, human rights, refugees, leadership development, unreached peoples, youth ministry, church planting, and persecuted church ministry.  Among their consulting services, REACT specializes in partnering audits and the design of organizational cultures more friendly to collaboration.

Through his leadership in the Interdev Partnership Associates (IPA), Brian and REACT Services is involved in partnership development work among Christian outreach efforts in Latin America, the Middle East/North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, S.E. Asia, China, Central Asia, Europe and Russia.  In addition, he works with churches and ministries in the North American settings as they seek to bring more intentional cooperation in their global involvement.